New AIVC website on-line!

We are pleased to present you the new AIVC website. Since 2001, the AIVC website had the same look and feel and we thought it was time for a fundamental change. We hope that this new website will please you.


In addition to the new look and feel, some of the major changes are:

  • More interactive website with easier navigation
  • More powerful search engine for AIRBASE
  • Home page with highlights on news, events and publications



IEA EBC annex 86 on “Energy Efficient Smart IAQ Management for residential buildings" approved

On June 26th, the Executive Committee of the IEA Energy in Buildings Technology Collaboration Platform ( approved the proposed collaboration project “Energy Efficient Smart IAQ Management for residential buildings" as IEA EBC annex 86. This annex will propose an integrated rating method for the performance assessment and optimization of energy efficient strategies of managing the indoor air quality (IAQ) in new and existing residential buildings.


venticool newsletter issue #16 – July 2020

The 16th issue of the venticool newsletter is now available! Specific contents include:


16 June 2020 (1:00-2:00 PM UTC) | ISIAQ Webinar - Spread of Infectious Diseases in Indoor Environments

The International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) is organizing the last part of the webinar series on the spread of COVID-19 and infectious diseases in indoor environments.


The  Panel Discussion "Spread of Infectious Diseases in Indoor Environments: A Way Forwardwill be held on Tuesday, June 16th at 1:00-2:00 PM UTC.




POSTPONED - 41st AIVC - ASHRAE IAQ 2020 joint conference in Athens

On behalf of ASHRAE and AIVC, we wish to inform you that a decision was made to postpone the IAQ 2020 Conference. It will be rescheduled in 2021 as a face-to-face conference in Athens, Greece.

At this time, the 31st May deadline for submitting papers is suspended.

The decision to postpone the conference was made in large part by the results of the survey completed by some 170 authors:


TightVent newsletter issue #18 – May 2020 now available

The 18th issue of the TightVent newsletter is now available! Specific contents include:


AIVC Literature List 35 "Building & Ductwork Airtightness"

We are now pleased to announce the release of AIVC Literature List 35 “Building & Ductwork Airtightness”. The document is split into 3 main chapters including:


AIVC Literature List 34 "Ventilative Cooling"

 We are now pleased to announce the release of AIVC Literature List 34 "Ventilative Cooling". The document is split into three main   chapters including:


Highlights of the AIVC 2019 Conference!

The April 2020 edition of the REHVA Journal has been released, including a selection of articles presented at the 40th AIVC - 8th TightVent & 6th venticool Conference, 2019 “From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate – 40 years of AIVC” held in Ghent, Belgium on 15-16 October, 2019.


Specific articles include:


Ventilation Information Paper no 40 "Ductwork airtightness - A review"

We are now pleased to announce the release of Ventilation Information Paper no 40: "Ductwork airtightness - A review". The paper aims to complement Ventilation Information Paper VIP 01 “Airtightness of ventilation ducts”. It provides a literature review of the work performed since 2003 in the field of ductwork airtightness.